A permanent lack of internet has made me a more fulfilled individual

One of the key figures of the ’50 days of Lulz’ is now on conditional bail and barred from going online. What does he answer to a question like: what is life like without the net? ‘It seems strange that humans have evolved and adapted for thousands of years without this simple connectivity, and now we in modern society struggle to comprehend existence without it. In a word, life is serene. I now find myself reading newspapers as though they weren’t ancient scrolls; entering real shops with real money in order to buy real products, and not wishing to Photoshop a cosmic being of unspeakable horror into every possible social situation. Nothing needs to be captioned or made into an elaborate joke to impress a citizenry whose every emotion is represented by a sequence of keystrokes.

Read the full story here – http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/sep/09/jake-davis-anonymous-charged-bail

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