Accelerating Microsoft Exchange Servers with I/O Caching

 Accelerating Microsoft Exchange Servers with I/O Caching

The QLogic FabricCache 10000 Series 8Gb Fibre Channel Adapter enhances transaction and latency performance for Microsoft  Exchange Servers by optimizing random read-intensive workloads that are inherent in Exchange and e-mail applications. The 10000 Series technology is implemented as a PCIe®-based intelligent I/O device that provides integrated Fibre Channel storage network connectivity, SSD caching, and embedded processing. The 10000 Series technology makes caching I/O data from Exchange entirely transparent to the host.

QLogic’s caching technology in the 10000 Series Fibre Channel Adapter enhances Microsoft Exchange with:

  1. Increased transactional IOPS by up to 400 percent
  2. Decreased Exchange I/O read latency by up to 80 percent
  3. Overall improved performance in the Exchange environment

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