ActiveSync Clients Unable to AuthN with TMG Firewall using SecureID

Consider the following scenario:

  • You are currently using ISA Server 2006 or Forefront TMG to publish your internal OWA server.
  • You require SecurID authentication for external OWA clients.
  • You have only one IP address bound to the external interface of the ISA server.
  • You have successfully configured the ISA/TMG server as an Agent Host for the RSA Authentication Manager.
  • The Web Listener, used to publish OWA, is configured for Forms Based Authentication using SecurID and has the correct Certificate bound.

Things are working for OWA – but don’t work for ActiveSync.

What’s up with that?

To find out what’s up with that, check out the TMG firewall Team Blog over at

and find the problem and the solution.



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