Add Administrator to Windows XP Welcome logon screen

Want to easily switch between a user account and the builtin administrator
account? Add the Administrator account to the Windows XP Welcome screen.

Key: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows

Value: 1
display on userlist

Reboot and you will see Administrator as one of you logon choices. If you
logon to a normal user account and want to switch to the builtin account:

  • Click Start
  • Click Logoff icon
  • Click Switch Users icon
  • Select Administrator , another account, or the the
    one you are logged onto.

Enabling Switch Users is incompatible with VMWare workstation. VMWare is a
niffty tool for support people. An NT or Linux version is available. You can use
it to run virtual machines. For example, my primary operating system is Windows
XP Pro. I use VMWare to run Windows NT, Window 2000, Windows XP Home, Mandrake
Linux, and XP Pro in virtual machines running in windows. I highly recommend it
if you need to run multiple operating systems or multiple versions of the same

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