Additional SCSI drivers needed at NT install

If NT does not detect or does not have the SCSI drivers for the NT installation,
you will get to a screen where NT says it does not detect any hard drives. You
have no option but to start the installation process all over. You must have the
missing drivers on a diskette or other media. When Setup is
inspecting your Hardware….
appears at the top of the screen, press the
F6 key several times. It is very easy to miss the moment. If your PC’s bios
supports booting from CDROM, place the diskette in drive A: and boot the PC.
After the BIOS loads, it will detect the bootable CD and it will detect that the
driver diskette is not bootable. When it asks you to remove the floppy, pop
floppy disk open (do not remove the disk). Press enter or other key and NT will
begin loading from CD. Push diskette back into drive. Press F6.

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