Adobe Acrobat Professional 8

The latest version of Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 is about to be released soon. Why is that of interest to you? Well let me put it this way. For myself I have a lot of documents that I use as templates for contracts, reports, and the such. These took me a lot of time to put together. What Acrobat Professional helps me do is at least secure them so that they are not as easy to copy. One key part of Acrobat Professional is also the strong security built into it. I still have Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 which I found to be a leap forward from Acrobat 6.

In this latest release the interface has been cleaned up and made more intuitive. Also, the load time for Acrobat Professional 8 has also improved. This is no small feat for a program of that size. Overall, I would definitely recommend this latest release to anyone who has concerns for documentation security, and also for the simplicity of merging varioius documents types in one continguous report. That is a very nice feature as it will help you tie together various documents into one, and then let you secure that document prior to distribution. Give it a look when it comes out.

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