ADSL via Network Card : Problems with ADSL Connection

special problem : Periodic pauses / delays in displaying Webpages
When connecting from Windows95/98/ME via a network card to an ADSL-modem, you should
install some patches , to avoid your ADSL/ DSL connection to “hang up” after a few minutes.:
Updates to the Windows System files NDIS.VXD and VTCP.386 (for more information and
the download links, see the Microsoft Knowledge base articles Q236926 and Q243199 ) :

Check in Windows\System the file-version
make sure, that you have 4.10.2224.
(if not, download patch at Q243199 ).
Note: My Windows98SE system did have
file-version 4.10.2222, and I have seen
multiple publications strongly suggesting to
install this patch on Windows98SE to
prevent your system hanging.
Check in Windows\System the file-version
of VTCP.386.
make sure, that you have 4.10.2223.
(if not, download patch at Q236926).
Note: My Windows98SE system did have
file-version 4.10.2222.

However, these patched did not fix my problem :
In regular intervals, when I requested to display a webpage on a different server
(when following a link from one website to another or selecting a link from the menu: Favorites in the browser),
nothing happened for 30-60 seconds, then the page got displayed.

I have found out, that these
delays are caused by the DNS
resolution : I was able to
PING the Internet server
using the IP-address, but
when trying to PING using
the name, nothing happens
for 30-60 seconds.
Then the system was able
to get the IP-address from
the DNS-server and made
the PING communication
test (and when I had the
Internet Explorer open
“hanging”/Waiting to display a
new page, it started to display
the new page at the same time
as PING reported the IP-address)

This is caused by the TCP/IP protocol using the network adapter connecting to the
ADSL-modem, when there is NO IP-address configured :

I have seen several reports in Computer
journals, suggesting to :
– assign a static IP-address
(I do not know, if this will interfere with
a LAN configuration with 2 network cards
– delete the TCP/IP-protocol having a
binding with the network card connection
to the ADSL-modem
(that was not possible with the ADSL
software delivered by my ADSL provider)

I fixed my problem by installing an alternative access software : RASPPPOE

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