Affordable Two-factor Security for Microsoft Active Directory from Collective Software

Collective Software, the premier developer for the Microsoft ISA Server platform has partnered with Yubico to release AuthLite, an affordable, integrated multi-factor authentication system designed toimage secure access to Windows workstations and Microsoft Active Directory network services including VPN, Outlook, SharePoint, and CRM.

“The combination of ease of use, simplicity of configuration, cost-effectiveness, tight integration with ISA and AD, and exquisite security makes AuthLite stand out from the crowd,” said Dr. Thomas Shinder, Microsoft Forefront Security Specialist at Prowess Consulting, and author and commentator at and,  “I highly recommend any company without a current two-factor authentication solution to consider AuthLite.”

Organizations throughout the world use Microsoft Active Directory to provide network services, authenticate users, and manage their IT enterprise. Normally, Windows user accounts are weakly protected with only a single-factor password. Different systems exist to extend this security, but they often require expensive hardware tokens, deployment of reader devices, costly annual service agreements and confusing user training.image

Collective Software developed AuthLite to incorporate Yubico’s YubiKey, in addition to the user’s normal password. YubiKey’s one-touch design emulates a USB keyboard to enter strong one-time credentials automatically without expensive hardware or complicated, multiple step logon procedures.

For maximum security and manageability, YubiKey data is stored within Active Directory and authentication is accomplished without relying on an external server on the Internet. The AuthLite software can automatically program each user’s new YubiKey when they visit the Windows “Change Password” screen on their workstation. In this manner, converting any number of users to the AuthLite system is easily done without tedious administrative key provisioning.

AuthLite also enables multi-factor logon to offline workstations, VPN services, and Extranet portals. The thin, 2 gram YubiKey can easily be carried on a keychain and used with AuthLite for all secure authentications to the enterprise.

A free evaluation of AuthLite can be downloaded from

YubiKeys can be ordered from

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