Allow non-admins to install printers

If your organization provides Windows 7 laptops to users and configures their user accounts as standard users who are not local admins on their computers, and then at the end of the day the users go home and try to connect to their home printers to print work-related documents, they may be frustrated to discover they can’t connect to their home printers because they don’t have sufficient privileges to be able to install new printer drivers on their computers. What can you do to allow them to connect to their home printers without making them local admins on their computers?

1. Configure the following two Group Policy settings:

  • Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Driver Installation\Allow non-administrators to install drivers for these devices setup classes
  • Enabled

2. Device class GUID of printers: {4d36e979-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}

  • Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Printers/Point and Print Restrictions
  • Enabled

Security Prompts: When Installing Drivers for a new connection = Do not show warning or elevation prompt

Mitch Tulloch is a eight-time recipient of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award and widely recognized expert on Windows administration, deployment and virtualization. For more tips by Mitch you can follow him on Twitter or friend him on Facebook.

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