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Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 1PM EDT

Attackers are Targeting 5 Active Directory Security Settings: Here’s What You Need to Know

-- TechGenix Informational Webinar sponsored by Alsid

Everyone knows Active Directory. It is a seasoned and known IAM, not to mention that nearly every organization in the world uses it. This being said, there are also many built-in configurations and processes that "just work" without the need for any manual configurations, that many administrators are not aware they are there. Unfortunately, attackers know them well and will leverage misconfigurations to move laterally and gain privileges.


In this webinar, 16X MVP Derek Melber will guide you through the most common settings that are being targeted by attackers. You will have a full list of items to verify and fix when you are done with this webinar!  


In the webinar you will learn:

- How attackers can leverage the SDProp process

- Which service account configurations attackers look for

- How an old Unix attribute can cause an immediate privilege elevation

- How a migration related attribute can allow domain admin privileges

- What details you need to verify for your trusts


You will also have the opportunity to ask your questions related to securing Active Directory for your organization. 


Do not miss this opportunity to ensure your organization is protected from Active Directory attacks! 


Derek Melber

Derek Melber is a 16X Microsoft MVP in both Active Directory and Group Policy, and Alsid Technical Director for North America. A prolific speaker and educator, he has helped administrators and organizations in over 20 countries better understand Active Directory, Group Policy, Network infrastructure as well as giving guidance on how to make their organizations more efficient and secure.


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