Alternatives to Regedit and Regedt32 Registry Editors

  • RegSafe
    It does everything
    that regedt32 does plus!!!!
  • Registry Explorer is a
    freeware program that is intended to replace regedit. This free software package
    is a system tool that puts itself into Windows Explorer. The features:

    • Total integration in Windows Explorer
    • Drag and Drop
    • Copy and Paste
    • Multiple selection for export to file
    • Create shortcuts to registry keys
    • Add registry keys to your favorites

  • Registrar Lite for Win95/98/2000/NT/XP is a freeware, new
    generation registry editor that comes with a basic set of tools that makes your
    registry editing life easier. Reglite is the freeware version of Resplendent Registrar which is an full-feature registry editor
    and registry manager. From Registrar’s page:

    • Browse, cut, copy, paste, move, delete and rename keys and values just as if
      it were Explorer
    • Addressbar, key descriptions and history buttons for easy navigation
    • Bookmark editor with categories, optional key coloring and descriptions
    • Search and Replace functionality that runs in the background with advanced
    • Backup and Restore of Registry. Also stores security information on NT
    • Remote registry editing in separate windows
    • Undo and redo for all registry operations
    • Detailed registry key property pages
    • Flexible value editors allowing text, multi-line and binary editing of
      registry values.
    • .reg (regedit compatible) file editing in separate windows
    • .reg (regedit compatible) file Import and Export functionality
    • Optionally abbreviated registry keys displayed (HKLM, HKU etc.)
    • Security Editors for permisssions, auditing and ownership like REGEDT32 (on
    • Edit keys with restricted user access like
      HKLMSECURITY\Policy\Secrets\DefaultPassword (on WinNT)
    • Registry Activity Monitor allows restoring of changes made by system and
      external applications (on WinNT)
    • Read-only mode giving you extra security
    • Commandline options to automate common tasks
    • Cool, customizable and easy-to-use interface
    • Remote update facility to check for the latest version

  • Eytcheson Software’s Multi-Remote Registry Change is a very fast commercial remote
    registry editor for simultaneously modifying multiple NT / Windows 2000
    registries. The demo version can work with up to 10 computers at a time on your
    LAN. For more than 10 at one time, then you’ll have to register the program for
    $35.00 plus $2.00 each for computer on your site. There are two versions of the
    Multi-Remote Registry Change: the Windows NT/2000 and the Windows 95/98 version.
    From the Multi-Remote’s page:

    • Zero Client Configuration (NT)
    • Works equally well over the Intranet and Internet.
    • “Retry Log” maintains log of failed changes. One click to retry the failed
    • Remotely manage registry security and auditing for groups of computers. (NT)

    • User definable dynamic substitutions.
    • Change User Rights. (NT)
    • Drag and Drop keys and values.
    • Registry Browser to quickly find keys and values on any computer. Supports
      Drag-and-Drop to copy keys and values.
    • The option to create the key or simply ignore it if it’s not already there.
    • Verify the existence of a key and/or value.
    • Delete keys (including subkeys) or values.
    • The option to change the remote registry for all users of a remote machine –
      logged on or not.
    • Create a simple TAB delimited file to apply many changes to many computers.
      Includes a method for creating these files with ease.
    • Quick Copy a key and all subkeys from one computer to many others.
    • Export keys, subkeys and values to .REG file format.
    • Apply all changes from .REG files to many computers very quickly.
    • Substitute a different root key and/or key path for keys and values in *.REG
    • Shutdown remote systems or groups of remote systems. (NT)
    • Save logs of Operation Successes, Operation Failures and Failures to Connect
      and then reselect computers based on these logs.
    • Multi-Threaded – do many of these operations at once with each operation
      having multiple threads (2 to hundreds)!
    • Startup parameters allow you to process the ‘Retry Log’ automatically when
      you start the program or scheduled via command line.
    • Change Service User Information (NT)
    • Send pop-up messages to your users based upon which machine they are logged
      in to. (NT)
    • Fast, Fast, Fast! Change literally tens of thousands of keys/values per

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