Altris Workstation Migration Toolkit ( AXMT )

Altris has introduced the Altris Migration Toolkit for workstation migration. From their site: The Migration Toolkit is a soft bundle of time-tested Altiris® products and technologies designed to assist your migration to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The Migration Toolkit provides you with a complete pre-migration inventory assessment, PC cloning/network configuration, software installation, personality restoration, and post-migration status report in a single tool. Features:

  • Software and Hardware Upgrade Assessment
    Before you can begin any migration project you have to know what hardware and software you have and if what you have will be compatible with Windows 2000. Often described as the most difficult step in any migration, software and hardware assessment is essential to a smooth migration. Altiris eXpress Migration Toolkit comes with a web-based tool that probes your network and gathers all the necessary information regarding what hardware and software exists in your environment. From there, canned reports will help you determine what will work and what will need to be upgraded before you attempt to install Windows 2000.

  • Personality Backup
    A Windows 2000 migration will be less than successful if your users have to spend hours reconfiguring all their personal settings once you are done. AXMT will allow your users capture and save all those essential items like wallpaper, icons, application settings, personal data files, and network settings and save them in a self-executing file for application to the PC once Windows 2000 has been installed.

  • PC Cloning and Post-Cloning Network Configuration
    AXMT provides everything necessary to create and deploy a Windows 2000 image. Using easy-to-use Wizards and a central console, create and download images without physically touching PCs. What’s more, you perform these operations on multiple PCs simultaneously!

  • Software Configuration
    Since different users often require specialized software applications for their unique job, AXMT provides a simple Wizard-driven method for providing these applications to the users that need them without creating separate images. Talk about a significant potential savings in time!

  • Personality Restoration
    Remember the personality package you created before re-imaging users’ PCs? Well, now is the moment when you gain big payback in the form of customer satisfaction. From the central console you can launch and re-apply the unique settings and files, preserving each user’s PC personality. AXMT could pay for itself with this feature alone.

  • Migration Status Report
    When the migration tasks are finished, AXMT generates a detailed migration status report. You will know what’s been done and how much is left to accomplish.

To download 30 day trial: Altris Migration Toolkit

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