Amazon Competes with GrubHub

Amazon recently announced that it will start delivering food from restaurants to folks at home. This puts them in direct competition with companies like GrubHub and PostMates and lots of little local delivery services. It’s interesting that they’re even getting into this line of business, though it makes sense given the success that they’ve had with Amazon Prime Now. Prime Now lets you order a limited number of things that can be sourced locally and a driver will bring it to you in under 4 hours, within 1 hour if you’re willing to pay a fee.

While I’m a big Amazon fan, I’m wondering if this is becoming a bit like the menu at Fridays. Too many options to actually make any of the food well. Personally I use a lot to deliver food from local restaurants. They’ve typically done a good job, but lately they’ve been slacking. Perhaps the competition will make them up their game. Right now Amazon’s restaurant delivery is only available in Seattle, but will likely be moving to other cities if it works out there.

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