Amazon Offers Physical Servers

Amazon has several different public cloud offerings…at this point it’s almost overwhelming to the newb. However, they have a new offering that no one else, to my knowledge, offers. They’re giving customers the option to have an entire, dedicated, physical server that Amazon will host. This is kind of interesting because it’s not really that different than the rest of their options. However, it does offer some interesting things. For example, this could make things like licensing easier, because you can specify exactly how many CPUs or Sockets you need to license.

However, is this all antiquated anyway? Aren’t we supposed to be developing “cloud native” apps and all that jazz? Other compliance issues could also be handled this way, but I do wonder if this is actually working backwards instead of moving apps forward. Of course, Amazon has several other options that don’t seem antiquated and a lot of folks way smarter than me figuring this stuff out. It will be interesting to see how long this option will be around.

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