Amazon SES unveils new Bring Your Own IP feature

Amazon Simple Email Service recently added a new feature called Bring Your Own IP (BYOIP). This capability is designed to allow users to send email through publicly routable IP addresses that you already own but under the umbrella of Amazon SES.

Amazon SES is designed to help digital marketers and application developers send marketing, notification, and transactional emails. The cloud-based email sending service allows users to integrate Amazon SES directly into their own systems and applications by using the platform’s SMTP interface or an AWS SDK.

Bring Your Own IP is now available in select regions and has several potential benefits for users that want to use their own IP address rather than sharing with other users. For more on the new feature and its potential implications, here’s a quick rundown.

Benefits of BYOIP

Companies that provide publicly available email accounts, such as Gmail and Hotmail, use multiple variables in order to determine how to sort emails between inbox and spam folders. The IP address that the email was sent from is one of the important factors in making this determination. Basically, if an IP address has built a positive reputation over the years by sending emails that receivers view to be important, it wouldn’t be ideal for the sender to switch to a new IP address range because they would need to rebuild that reputation all over again.

In addition, it is possible for those you communicate with regularly to whitelist specific IP ranges to ensure that messages from those senders are always delivered. However, up until this point, Amazon SES emails have normally been sent from IP ranges that are shared between multiple users. So that would give you less control in this specific area. But now, customers that value this type of functionality can use Amazon SES for their email systems while still taking advantage of these benefits.


The new BYOIP feature is available in multiple AWS Regions now. These include US East, US West, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. Amazon also recently added information about BYOIP to its Amazon SES Developer Guide, for those interested in learning more.

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