You can now use Amazon WorkSpaces with Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung DeX

You can now use Amazon WorkSpaces with Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ thanks to the new Samsung DeX station. Amazon recently shared some information about the new tool in a blog post.

What is Samsung DeX?

The Samsung DeX station is a dock that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. It holds your phone up while you use Amazon WorkSpaces or other tools. And it has USB connectors for your keyboard and mouse. Or you can communicate with those items via Bluetooth.
Additionally, the device includes a charging station, cooling fan, HDMI, and ethernet ports so that you can connect your device to a number of different add-ons, making it an acceptable replacement for your full work station if you’re traveling or working remotely.

DeX includes USB connectors for your keyboard and mouse, and can also communicate with them using Bluetooth… Bring it all together and you can get to your cloud-based desktop from just about anywhere — Jeff Barr, Amazon Web Services

How to use Amazon WorkSpaces with Samsung DeX

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In order to use Amazon WorkSpaces on your device, you first need to install the Amazon WorkSpaces client for Android tablets on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. Then enter the registration code for your Amazon WorkSpace and log in.

With the phone connected to Samsung DeX, you should be able to have a decent workstation set up so that you can access your cloud-based files and Amazon WorkSpaces desktop from almost anywhere.

Photo credit: Samsung

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