Disaster recovery in a Kubernetes system: Best practices and solutions

11 hours ago
Twain Taylor

Kubernetes disaster recovery is not an easy job because of the application’s sheer complexity. Here are some best practices to…

Unable to connect to Public Folder after Database Portability in Exchange 2013

Sponsored by Stellar Data RecoveryHere are solutions to connect a disconnected Exchange 2013 Public Folder after Database Portability.

15 hours ago

Troubleshooting PowerShell Direct errors

PowerShell Direct normally works the way it is supposed to, but things can go wrong. Here’s some troubleshooting tips to…

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Exchange Server hack aftermath: How to update while running Symantec

The major Exchange Server hack uncovered in March has admins scrambling to update their systems. If you also running Symantec…

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7 red-hot trends in the serverless and low-code space

Along with serverless architecture, the low-code approach is reducing costs and boosting productivity. Here are the hottest trends in a…

2 days ago

Creating a Microsoft 365 cloud policy configuration

IT pros can now use the Microsoft 365 Office cloud policy service on devices that are running Microsoft Office apps,…

2 days ago

Outlook Anywhere: An old tool with new life in the remote-work era

Outlook Anywhere allows Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003 users to access emails and calendars outside their corporate domain without…

2 days ago

Yet another dating site suffers data breach

Manhunt is just the latest in a long line of dating sites getting hacked and suffering a data breach. Is…

3 days ago

Is there still room for entrepreneurship in technology?

Entrepreneurial companies sparked the tech revolution of the past few decades, but their number is decreasing. Is this a lull…

3 days ago

UK residents warned to beware of new Android spyware FluBot

The British government is warning about a new Android spyware named FluBot. While at this point it only attacks UK…

4 days ago