An nComputing L300 update

Just a short update – we’ve done some further L300 testing and the results have been very, very good. Even high-def video is working well, with the exception of NetFlix which doesn’t work over remote connections.

If you’re interested in nComputing’s L300s, the company has a 4+1 deal going on until the end of June. Buy 4 and they’re throw in a fifth for free.

I’m in the process of connecting with other nComputing customers to do some additional due diligence on the overall solution. The person I spoke with today indicated that they had some initial problems, but they traced them back to server configuration issues not related to nComputing’s products. After adding additional RAM to the virtual machine (Windows 7) hosting their nComputing solution, they had much more success. They’re running their solution with 2 vCPUs and 8 GB of RAM in each virtual machine.

Our deployment will use physical Terminal Services machines with 8 CPU cores and 32 GB of RAM for shared desktops and we’ll combine the solution with more traditional VDI for users that require dedicated desktops.

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