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The last blog entry pointed to the Vista Kernel article by Mark Russinovich. That was a nice overview of the security features. For a more comprehensive article that provides even more information on why Vista is the most secure client operating system on which to run your applications, check out this article The Advantages of Running Applications on Windows Vista at

That article is great and discusses a great number of topics and technologies that enhance the security provided by the Vista client. Many Windows admins most likely take advantage of only a fraction of the security technologies available in Vista. That’s a shame, as the article shows the tremendous number of options available to you. And when you pair Vista with Windows Server 2008, well, it doesn’t get much more secure than that for client/server communications.

Make sure to check the front page of this site on a regular basis! I recently showed you how to put together a simple proof of concept of domain isolation. Next week I’ll show you how to put together a simple DHCP NAP enforcement solution. While the DHCP NAP enforcement solution is the least impressive in terms of security, it’s the most simple and will allow you to dip your toes into the NAP waters before we get into more interesting NAP scenarios, such as NAP with Heath Certificate enforcement and NAP with the Terminal Services gateway.



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