Intune support for Android Enterprise devices generally available

Microsoft recently announced that Intune support for Android Enterprise fully managed devices is now generally available. Android Enterprise fully managed is one of the management scenarios in the Android Enterprise solution set. In fact, it was the most popular scenario selected by users during the preview period. It allows for user productivity on corporate devices while also allowing IT admins to manage the capabilities needed by the organization. Last year, Microsoft rolled out Intune support for Android Enterprise purpose-built devices.

With this release, customers can readily access and deliver a high-quality experience to end-users on corporate-owned devices, while also maintaining an extended set of policy controls. Here’s a rundown of just some of the features that make this an attractive option.

Easy onboarding of Android Enterprise devices

To deploy new devices, you simply unbox a new device or perform a factory reset of an existing one. Then you can use Intune’s enrollment token with your preferred deployment technology to launch an out of the box experience. This will fully guide end-users through the process of getting their device up and running.

Security features

This GA release gives users access to multi-factor authentication, which is key for many enterprises and organizations. Fully managed devices allow organizations to put these policies into place so you can keep all the devices in your network as secure as possible.

Users also have the option to deploy root certificates and SCEP certificates for authentication. Additionally, resource access profiles are now supported by the full spectrum of authentication options available. You can also create email, WiFi and VPN profiles to leverage the certificate profiles that your organization needs.

Flexible app policies

With fully managed Android Enterprise devices, organizations have the option to prevent the sideloading of apps onto devices. You can leverage the Managed Google Play Store to distribute corporate apps to managed devices and ensure that only apps from trusted sources end up on users’ devices. You can also deploy additional policies to allow users to personalize their work device with apps for personal use if they’d like, but the public Google Play Store is blocked by default on these devices.

Redesigned Microsoft Intune app

The new Microsoft Intune app is just called Microsoft Intune and it enables experiences for end-users within the company portal app. These may include things like managing compliance for devices, getting support from the organization, and viewing specific notifications.

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