UK residents warned to beware of new Android spyware FluBot

The UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has released a warning about a new spyware affecting users of Android devices. The spyware in question is called FluBot, and it is usually spread via SMS phishing scams. An excerpt of the warning notice can be found below, namely explaining the scam and how FluBot functions:

The NCSC is aware that a malicious piece of spyware — known as FluBot — is affecting Android phones and devices across the UK.

The spyware is installed when a victim receives a text message, asking them to install a tracking app due to a ‘missed package delivery.’ The tracking app is in fact spyware that steals passwords and other sensitive data. It will also access contact details and send out additional text messages — further spreading the spyware.

The text message requests that victims click a link. Doing so directs them to a scam website, such as the one shown below (although the branding may vary).

The NCSC recommends that if you receive a message similar to the one described in the notice, do not click the link. Delete the message, but before doing so, forward it to 7726, which will mark it as a spam SMS message.

At the moment, the FluBot Android spyware scam appears to only affect residents in the United Kingdom. As it is with any malicious software, however, this can quickly change. If you receive a message out of the blue from a number you do not recognize, be wary. Be especially wary if there are links that ask for personal information. As a general rule, never click on links embedded in any unknown correspondence (email, SMS, or otherwise). Some of the most powerful cyberattacks have started with small lapses in judgment. Don’t become one of the many in a long line of victims.

Featured image: Flickr/Dan H

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