Announcing Exchange Server 2016 Preview!

We’re excited to announce that Exchange Server 2016 Preview is now available for download. At Ignite, we introduced Exchange Server 2016 and demonstrated some of its capabilities. Now you can install the bits yourself and get hands-on experience with the newest member of the Exchange family. We’re eager to hear your feedback as we progress toward a final release later this year.

This version of Exchange is special because it was born in the cloud. From the depths of the mailbox store to the most visible parts of the Outlook web UI, the bits that make up Exchange 2016 are already in use across millions of mailboxes in Office 365. For the past several months we’ve been working to package up these capabilities and deliver them on-premises. This preview milestone is an important step in that process, and we’re excited to include the worldwide Exchange community in the journey.

Here is the link to download the Preview version:

Here is the original post:

1 thought on “Announcing Exchange Server 2016 Preview!”

  1. Patrick Kidney

    Theres a bug in the pre-release code. The ECP will not load in a web browser. I built 2 Exchange 2016 servers. One on windows Server 10 server and one on server 2012 R2 Same issue with getting into ECP. Something is goofed up with OWA in the Exchnage Backend Website in IIS. I will let everyone no if I figure out what the issue is…But so far everyone that I know that knows exchange and has built a 2016 server is having the same exact problem…

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