Announcing The Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

The OCS team created an awesome tool to help OCS administrators to troubleshoot OCS external access. Check this out at:


Following on the heels of success of the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (created by Shawn McGrath and Brad Hughes), Premal Gandhi (UC Support Escalation Engineer), Matthew Fresoli (Supportability Program Manager) and Jason Stine (Senior Lead Program Manager) have been busy designing and writing a complimentary tool: The Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

The tool is available at


The Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web site for IT Administrators to validate and diagnose end-to-end Office Communications Server scenarios. The site simulates multiple Office Communications Server client access scenarios from outside the customer’s infrastructure and reports whether the test was successful. If the test fails, we inform the IT Admin exactly where in the process it failed as well as provide troubleshooting tips on resolving the issue.

In this beta version, the tool provides the following end-to-end tests:

· Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity

· Office Communications Server Remote Connectivity w/AutoDiscover

Coming Soon:

We will be expanding the Office Communications Server scenarios in the next few months to include the following:

· Deeper level of diagnostic information – MSDiagnostics header

· More detailed troubleshooting information based on MSDiagnostic header

· Additional tests


If you have feedback on the tool or suggestions for additional tests or improvements, please use the feedback link provided on the site.

Read more at source:

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