Apmstat.exe utility diagnoses Advanced Power Management

Microsoft includes apmstat.exe in the support\tools directory of the Windows 2000 CD. It is installed by the setup program in that directory. If you don’t want the Windows 2000 Support Tools installed as a group, it is part of the support.cab. APM (Advanced Power Management) does not work on my pc. When I run

apmstat -v

apmstat tells me that my pc has multiple CPUs and that APM does not work on MP machines. This utility will tell you whether you have an APM BIOS. The APM problem situations for Windows 2000:

  • does not support multiple processor PCs
  • does not support hot-docking (which Win9x does)
  • does not support on servers

This is a common problem. APM support in Windows 2000 was intended only for notebook computers and not for desktops. ACPI is designed for desktop workstations, assuming ACPI compliance. Neither option will work in a server environmnet.

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