Application Virtualization Solutions Compared

There are a lot of application virtualization technologies out there, and they all differ slightly in the way they work.  So, the question comes up all the time of which application virtualization solution is the best one?  Well, with all the types of application virtulization and the various vendors like Cameyo, Citrix, Evalaze, InstallFree, Numecent, Novell, Microsoft, Roozz, Spoon, Symantec and VMWare offing solutions, answering the question as to which one is best greatly depends on your situation.  Luckily, Ruben Spruijt has put together a whitepaper detailing a lot of the solutions and where each fits.  The title of the white paper is "Application Virtualization Smackdown" and it covers topics such as VDI, virtualization characteristics, manageability, usability, application characteristics, architecture, and more.

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