Approaches to Fighting Spam in an Exchange Server Environment

The Approaches to Fighting Spam in an Exchange Server Environment technical guide consists of four main sections (Introduction, Definition, Challenges, and Solutions) that discuss options and solutions to provide practical approaches to fighting spam (junk e-mail) within the Exchange Server environment. This guide includes the introduction of a framework (Exchange Server 2003 Antispam Framework) which combines different methods for fighting spam within either a single or multiple Exchange Server environments and is comprised of connection-level, protocol-level, and content-level filtering. Approaches within this framework allow both administrators and end users to precisely filter and categorize spam and decide on their end whether it is spam or legitimate business e-mail. This technical guide describes these approaches in detail, demonstrates how each approach within the framework functions, and how each of these approaches works collectively. Presented in the guide are assessment and development plans and a step-by-step guide in the deployment and management section.
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