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CloudComputingAdmin.com newsletter – Fear of Flying (into the Cloud) – , InfoWorld proclaimed that “companies now trust the cloud.”  Also in the newsletter, find Announcements & News: What’s Happening in the Cloud, CloudComputingAdmin Articles of Interest, Cloud Admin Tip of the Month, CloudComputingAdmin Links of the Month, and Cloud Q & A.

WindowsNetworking.com newsletter – Windows XP: The Party’s Over – According to NetMarketShare.com statistics as of February 2014, almost 30 percent of the computers on the Internet are still running Windows XP. Also in the newsletter, find WindowsNetworking.com Articles of Interest, Administrator KB Tip of the Month, Windows Networking Tip of the Month, and Windows Networking Links of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

VirtualizationAdmin.com newsletter – Tell me about the IT department of the future. Also in the newsletter, find White Paper of the Month, VirtualizationAdmin.com Articles of Interest, Solutions of the Month, Free tool of the month, and Helpful Links plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

MSExchange.org newsletter – Time to Migrate Away from Exchange 2003 and more – As you likely already have heard Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition and Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition will reach the End of Support milestone on April 8, 2014. Also in the newsletter, find MSExchange.org Learning Zone Articles of Interest, KB Articles of the Month, and MSExchange.org News of the Month plus the opportunity to ask the author a question!

WindowSecurity.com newsletter – With the introduction of Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft has included a new remote access feature called DirectAccess – Read more about DirectAccess. Also in the newsletter, find Microsoft Security Bulletins, Windows Security Articles of Interest, WindowSecurity.com Articles of Interest, and Windows Security Tip of the Month.

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