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Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service and TMG Firewalls – Deb says ‘if you want to stay relevant in the Microsoft world, you’re going to have to take their cloud computing offerings seriously.’ In her newsletter she talks about deployment scenarios for the TMG firewall in the Azure cloud!

Scott’s Virtualization Thoughts for April focus on the emerging hardware segment known as hyperconverged hardware space. This new hardware provides tailor-made solutions for hypervisors that simplify Data Center management and reduce the amount of time needed to design the architecture of complex solutions.

Exchange 2013 Hybrid with Edge Transport Servers – This month Henrik talks about Exchange 2013 based hybrid deployments in environments where Edge Transport servers are used as the spam and virus filtering solution in the perimeter network.

Big, Bad Data – Not all businesses need a big data solution, but if the amount of information you need to process is exceeding the capabilities of the systems you use to process it, you might need to start thinking about how to whip that “big bad data” into shape.

The Problem with Our Security Models – ‘Attackers generally benefit from new security technologies before defenders do. They have a first-mover advantage.’

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