A Quick Tip To Install Windows Server Backup On Multiple Computers

NTBackup has been replaced by the Windows Server Backup, a new tool to take backup and restore backups on Windows Server 2008 computers. This article explains how you can use the command line version of Server Manager to install Windows Server Backup feature on single or multiple computers.

To install Windows Server Backup feature on a Windows Server 2008 computer using command line:

ServerManagerCMD.exe -install Backup-Features

To install Windows Server Backup feature on multiple Windows Server 2008 computers:


  • 1. Create a file called Servers.txt
  • 2. Put all the server names in it.
  • 3. Run the following command from a Windows computer:

Psexec.exe @Servers.txt ServerManagerCMD.exe -install Backup-Features

The Psexec.exe can be downloaded from Microsoft site. The command specified will be execute against all the servers mentioned in the Servers.txt file.

ServerManagerCMD.exe logs the activity in \Windows\temp\servermanager.log file

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