A Quick Tip To Verify The SRV Records Of Domain Controllers

SRV records play an important role for domain controllers in the Active Directory domain. It is not possible for a client computer, for a service, and for an application to know the location of a domain controller without the SRV records. Client computers (Winlogon Service) always query DNS Server to find the IP Address of the domain controller. You can follow the simple steps to ensure SRV records of a domain controller are registered in the DNS Server:

Method 1: Using NSLOOKUP Command 


  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type NSLOOKUP and hit enter
  • Type Set Type=all and press enter
  • At NSLOOKUP prompt, type _LDAP._TCP.DC._MSDCS.Domain_Name.com and hit enter.

The above query to the DNS Server will return all the domain controllers in the domain name Domain_Name.com.

Method 2: Using Ping Command:

You can also use the Ping Utility to verify the existence of a host or SRV Record in DNS Server. You need to know the exact location of the SRV records. As an example, if you ping the above SRV record, the ping will return the IP Address for one of the domain controllers in the domain.

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