Are You A Growing Small Business? Exchange Hosting will bring peace of mind!


Growing SMBs should definitely concentrate on their core competencies. Though email is a critical application which helps to drive business, it is not related to the product and services that you are offering to your customers.

In other words, reduce the cost of running the business/resources in order to bring revenue. I have seen that many SMBs are making mistakes by engaging their resources to maintain the organization’s IT infrastructure, namely, CRM, e-mail, Pabx, etc at the expense of its talented human resources who are supposed to be working on its core competencies. We all must agree that these are the cornerstone of running a business in today’s world, and look for alternative methods for managing IT.

What’s next?

For many companies, this is a key transformation phase in terms of IT infrastructure because they realize expenses in managing IT inside the company with its own people. Therefore, an outsourcing company will be a better choice – better service than in-house at lower cost, minimum complexities and you will be able to allow your staff to increase  productivity.

Out of all the IT components, the email server should be the first choice of any company which can be outsourced – by doing so, complete operations will be done by this outsourcing company (Exchange Hosting Providers). Now these hosters will have to take control of certain tasks such as regulatory compliance, systems integration, Upgrade, patches, migration, implement cutting edge features to support a growing business, help-desk, support etc… What peace of mind! Isn’t it?

I met a friend in Singapore yesterday who is running a SM with 3 employees; he is a typical trader who travels a lot. I noticed that he has huge headache in managing his mailbox as well as his employees, is worried about losing data, managing it because they think IT is so complex and has great concerns on time management as his staff needs to concentrate on the trading business rather than mailbox management/backup, etc. He was happy when I suggested Exchange Hosting packages which are as low as $6 per mailbox and decided to go for it.

I want to continue this topic in my next post where I elaborate on the different factors that justify the Exchange Hosting benefits.

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