ISO 27001

ISO 27001: What It Is And How To Get Certified

ISO 27001 is an international auditable standard of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). Read this article to know all about ISO 27001 certification and how it can boost your organization’s ISMS. Understand the benefits, evaluate whether it’s necessary for you, and learn how to get certified step-by-step.

How to Break a String in YAML

How to Break a String in YAML over Multiple Lines

YAML is a human-readable data serialization format. You can use it to store data for programs, and as an alternative to XML. YAML files are often used to store configuration files. YAML also allows you to break a string over multiple lines, which can be helpful when the string is too wide for our screen. Learn how to break a YAML string over multiple lines in this article.

What Is the Exchange Management Console

What Is the Exchange Management Console?

Exchange server management can be a challenging job without the right tools and analytics at your side. The exchange management console helps server admins manage the exchange servers all from one place with an easy to use UI, integrated with PowerShell for easy automation.

How to Make Android Apps Run on Windows 11

How to Make Android Apps Run on Windows 11

Microsoft has finally given Windows 11 its long-awaited feature of running Android apps. That said, Windows 11 users can’t access except a limited number of Android apps compared with the Google Play store. Read on to learn more about the requirements you need to benefit from this feature, how to install the Android Appstore, and how to run your first Android app.

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