Deployment & Migration

Exchange 2003 Active Directory Connector Wizardry

Migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 was a bit of a headache for those who tried it, especially using the early versions of ADC, the component used to synchronize Exchange 5.5 and Active Directory. Microsoft will soon release Exchange 2003, which is not a great leap in design as Exchange 2000 but basically, the same product with some additional capabilities, improved web interface and Windows 2003 operating system support. The Exchange 2003 ADC has evolved to make basic migration scenarios more easy using automated and wizard based mechanisms. Let's look at some of the changes.

Migrating the Address Book from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000

The old Exchange address book was not very powerful or complex but it did the job in most situations. A handy feature that existed in Exchange 5.5 was automatic creation of address lists. All you had to do was go to File a New Other a Address Book View, choose a mailbox attribute and almost immediately you would get address view for all your departments or whatever attributes you decided to sort users by.

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