Using ExMerge to recover a Single Mailbox or Mailbox Item

As already described in one of my last articles about Exchange Server 2003 you do not have to install a second Exchange Server environment in an isolated forest to restore a single mailbox or a single mailbox item. You can use the recovery storage group to restore a mailbox database onto your running Exchange Server 2003. After having done this you now have to extract the mailbox you want to recover using the ExMerge utility.

Using EXMERGE To Delete Message From Your Exchange Server

One question that seems to come up a lot is “How can I delete a message from all the users mailboxes”, this question gets asked for many reasons, such as someone sent an email to the wrong group of people, you know that a message is in your system that contains an attachments that you do not want your users opening, you can probably think of a few more reasons.

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