Windows Vista

Hardware Considerations for Windows Vista

The general consensus regarding Windows Vista is that you are going to have to buy a new computer in order to run it. I have bought three brand new, relatively high end computers for the purposes of beta testing Vista. Of the three, Vista would not even install on two of them, and ran sluggishly on the third. In this article, I will tell you what I have learned about Vista’s hardware requirements through my first hand experiences.

Introducing Vista’s Network Center

If you have ever worked as a consultant or even just helped out a friend with a computer problem, then you have probably been in a situation in which you sat down at an unfamiliar workstation and had to get an idea of how the system was configured prior to working on the problem. Although Windows XP’s network configuration options are pretty straightforward, you usually can’t get all of the particulars of a machine’s network connectivity at a glance. In Windows Vista though, Microsoft has made it a lot easier to quickly gather information about how a workstation is connected to a network through a new component called the Network Center. In this article I will show you what the Network Center is and how it may eventually make your life easier.

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