Disaster recovery in a Kubernetes system: Best practices and solutions

Kubernetes disaster recovery is not an easy job because of the application’s sheer complexity. Here are some best practices to…

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Unable to connect to Public Folder after Database Portability in Exchange 2013

Sponsored by Stellar Data RecoveryHere are solutions to connect a disconnected Exchange 2013 Public Folder after Database Portability.

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Troubleshooting PowerShell Direct errors

PowerShell Direct normally works the way it is supposed to, but things can go wrong. Here’s some troubleshooting tips to…

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7 red-hot trends in the serverless and low-code space

Along with serverless architecture, the low-code approach is reducing costs and boosting productivity. Here are the hottest trends in a…

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Outlook Anywhere: An old tool with new life in the remote-work era

Outlook Anywhere allows Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2003 users to access emails and calendars outside their corporate domain without…

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Is there still room for entrepreneurship in technology?

Entrepreneurial companies sparked the tech revolution of the past few decades, but their number is decreasing. Is this a lull…

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Tips for determining cybersecurity project priority

If you are a cybersecurity professional, you’ve almost certainly at some point felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of security…

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4G LTE as a backup for ensuring business Internet connectivity

4G LTE might be just the thing for keeping your business running when your modem goes down and you must…

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Using ARM Quickstart templates without leaving Azure Portal

Next time you need to do an Azure deployment, you don't have to leave the Azure Portal to find and…

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Demystifying scrum project management

Scrum management is an Agile project methodology, where a small team headed by a scrum master delivers products iteratively. Learn…

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