Ask the Perf Guy: Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments

Small update on the Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments by Ask the Perf Guy based on this history of the previous posts :). In this post the slight change on the CPU requirements when compared with Exchange Server 2013 are commented.

Uh oh. You are probably thinking to yourself, here comes another one of those incredibly long blog posts about sizing. Thankfully, it’s not. If you want to fully understand the sizing process for Exchange 2016, you are certainly welcome to read the previous post that I did for Exchange 2013, as the overall process is effectively the same with one major caveat. Since we have eliminated the CAS role in Exchange 2016, you must follow the process for multi-role deployment sizing.

Overall, the inputs to our sizing formulas stay the same from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016. This means that our IOPS requirements, memory requirements, and all of the other values provided in the Exchange 2013 sizing guidance should continue to be used for Exchange 2016. We are changing one set of inputs, however.

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