ASUS Offers Windows Vista Computing with Innovative Notebook Products

Taipei, Taiwan, January 30, 2007 – With the launch of Microsoft Windows Vista, notebooks are now capable of a more powerful processing that is expected to change and improve the current computing behavior. As one of the first providers with a full line of Vista ready notebook solutions, users will enjoy new capabilities in security, performance, reliability, manageability and a wide range of exclusive technologies with ASUS notebooks for a dynamic computing experience.

Among the notebooks that carry the new Vista operating system, three unique products draw particular attention, including the W5Fe, the U1F and the ASUS-Lamborghini VX2 series. The W5Fe SideShow notebook that made its début in last year’s CES show is now ready to open our eyes with a second display window. While the new Lamborghini notebook series continues to impress the world with its unparalleled design, the ultra compact U1F is all set to redefine mobile computing with not just a small form factor, but also an extensive connectivity.

Second Sight
The ASUS W5Fe with SideShow auxiliary display support fully unleashes the power of Windows Vista like no other. The SideShow does many things from checking emails, system status, to data management. It is an independent operating system in a sense that it can be turned on without the need to boot up the whole system. This comes as a very handy tool when one needs to take a quick glance at the meeting agenda in a crowded elevator.

In addition to the technology leading and trend-setting auxiliary display, the W5Fe also offers a wide range of exclusive features including a built-in 1.3M pixel 235∘rotational webcam for wireless video communication. The two spindle design with card reader slot and Bluetooth 2.0EDR ensures extensive connectivity as well as ample data storage.

Unprecedented Power and Style
The exceptional ASUS-Lamborghini VX2 continues to impress the world with its sensational design, surpassing all notebooks in the genre and creating a noble class of its own. Based on the latest Intel® Centrino® platform, the VX2 computes with blistering speed perfect for both work and play.

The 15-inch glare-type widescreen displays vibrant colors and sharp details for the most enjoyable viewing experience. Data security is uncompromised with built-in fingerprint scanner that reads from the live layer of skin, preventing common skin surface conditions from impairing scanner accuracy.

Sleek and Slim Computing Redefined
The ultra compact 11′ widescreen U1F is tailor made for metropolitan professionals to stay on the move with style. The screen adopts a special LED backlight panel that operates with lowers power consumption and offers better luminance as well as faster response time for a pleasant viewing experience.

To enhance the overall high mobility design of the U1F while keeping all parts well-protected, magnesium-aluminum alloy and carbonfiber are used for the cover and base of the notebook respectively. From the exterior piano painted LCD cover, stainless contour and carbonfiber housing to genuine leather bound palm rest, the U1F exudes luxury with unique sophistication.

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