Alin Selicean

ISA Server & SQL Server – Brothers in Arms Part 3: Available tools & Database Space Monitoring

In this article we’ll go further into the tasks of monitoring space usage and allocation for our ISA Server database as well as few methods of investigating data consistency for our database. I’ve dug up in the ISA Server forums archive and found a lot of posts where people was asking what to do about the space claimed by the database and very often they gave up in logging to a database because they found this method very "hungry" in terms of space.

ISA Server & SQL Server – Brothers in Arms – Part 2

In part 1 of this two part article on use ISA Server and SQL logging we looked at some basic SQL database concepts and how they apply to ISA Server logging. In this, part 2, of the series, I discuss with you the specifics of monitoring an ISA Server database, creating an alert, and configuring an action in response to an alert.

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