Bhargav Shukla

CreateCluster() failed with 0x5 adding members to DAG in Exchange 2013

UPDATE: While TechNet article “Create a Database Availability Group” only mentions Windows 2008 R2 domain controllers, I must thank Scott Schnoll for the following clarification: “Creating an Exchange 2013 DAG with Mailbox servers on Windows Server 2012? You must pre-stage CNO before adding first server!”. TechNet documentation will be updated to reflect the same I assume.

Exchange 2013 Setup – Client Access server role readiness check fails

When installing Exchange 2013 servers in complex lab scenario, I decided to separate Mailbox and Client Access server roles to dedicated servers running Windows Server 2012. I installed Mailbox server role first and then proceeded to install Client Access role. Since Mailbox server role installed fine using setup UI and required windows components installed (since I had the option checked in the wizard, I did have to install office filter packs and UCMA manually), I decided to trust the setup wizard to install windows components for CAS role for me. Well, what do I know?

Outlook must be online or connected…

Testing Exchange 2013 means careful planning of what you are going to test in lab, what you need to test al given scenarios and what is required. One of my golden rule is to test multiple versions of clients against given server. So in my recent configuration testing, I created a very simple lab. It has a domain controller, two Exchange 2013 servers, a load balancer and two client machines. All testing I am performing is on intranet and no internet simulation or remote client scenarios are going to be tested. One of my client machine is running Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. The other client runs Windows 8 and Outlook 2013.

Lync Server Control Panel 401.1 Unauthorized

I was working away in my lab and had recently configured Enterprise Edition pool with first server in the pool running Lync Control Panel. I launched Lync Control Panel to make few changes only to find out it kept asking me for username and password. After multiple tries, I got “401.1 Unauthorized” page telling me I was unauthorized to access cscp!

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