Curt Simmons

Configuring A Cache Policy

ISA Server's firewall features are quite interesting and typically receive the primary focus when functionality and configuration is discussed. However, ISA Server's caching features – the acceleration portion of Internet Security and Acceleration Server – contain a number of important configuration options that impact how quickly users on your network, or users on the Internet, receive information.

Configuring Automatic Discovery for ISA Server Clients.

Consider this scenario: In your network, you use a number of ISA Server arrays in various sites and domains scattered throughout North America. In your company, about thirty percent of your network clients belong to traveling sales people who must be able to access the Internet via laptop computer from different domains using different ISA Server arrays. You want this traveling sales force to be able to access the Internet using any ISA Server array in any location without having to make configuration changes with each trip to a new site or domain. How can you configure this?

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