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Passwords – Common Attacks and Possible Solutions

Making sure authorized users have access to either sensitive company information or their personal e-mail can be a dauntning task, given the fact that an average user has to remember at least 4/5 passwords, a couple of which have to be changed on a monthly basis. The majority of users are frustrated when choosing or remembering a password, and are highly unaware of the consequences of their actions while handling accounting data. This article will provide you with an overview of how important, yet fragile, passwords security really is; you will be acquainted with different techniques for creating and maintaining passwords, and possible alternative methods for authentication, namely Passphrases, Biometrics and Public Key Infrastructure(PKI).

SecurityTalk with K Rudolph, CISSP

The SecurityTalks is an initiative aimed at providing the scene with the worlds' leading security experts' thoughts on various information security issues, in a way much different than the usual, small and concise interviews you are used to seeing.

Malware – It’s Getting Worse

The recent MyDoom Worm successfully infected enough victims in order to shut down SCO's web site, followed by new variants that targeted Microsoft's web site. This paper isn't intended to discuss the motives of the author, instead it will help you understand how worms enter your network, how you can block them before they even reach your internal network, and how to act in case they get in.

Reducing “Human Factor” Mistakes

Nowadays companies and organizations face the problem where massive attempts at illegal intrusions hit their network on a daily basis. In spite of the latest technological improvements in security, it's still the network users who are often unknowingly inviting security breaches through carelesnes and a lack of awareness. This paper will try to summarize various mistakes done by system administrators, company executives and of course the end users, and will also provide you with useful strategies that will definitely help you reduce or completely eliminate the mistakes.

Building and Implementing a Successful Information Security Policy

Most recognize the necessity of having a security policy, but designing and successfully implementing one throughout your organization can be quite an intimidating task. To take the pain out of this process we are providing you with one of the most comprehensive guides on the design and implementation of an effective security policy for your company.<i> <b>To make this guide available to the entire community we have opened web distribution rights, allowing you to freely host this guide on your website and share it with colleagues.</i></b>

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