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What Is Cyber Threat Hunting

What Is Cyber Threat Hunting?

Cyber threat hunting involves identifying attacks in progress after a security breach. Learn how cyber threat hunting works, its benefits, and the top 3 solutions to consider when safeguarding your business.

The Best No-Log VPNs

The Best No-Log VPNs

In this article, you’ll learn about no-log VPNs and how you can use them to bolster your cybersecurity and protect your data. You’ll also discover the no-log VPN features to look for and the top 5 no-log VPN solutions you can use in your business.

Data Leak

Data Leak: What It Is and How You Can Prevent One

A data leak is an unauthorized data transfer from within a company to a third party. Individuals, companies, and government agencies experience financial and reputational loss if unauthorized parties get access to their sensitive data. All businesses benefit from monitoring cybersecurity risks and taking appropriate steps to prevent data loss and theft. In this article, you’ll learn what data leaks are, how they occur, and practical ways to prevent them.

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