Marc Grote

Using the Exchange 2003 Mail Wizard

“I will be back” – said Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator I – This is true for the IMW (Internet Mail Wizard) in Exchange 2003. Available first in Exchange 5.5, left in Exchange 2000 and new in Exchange Server 2003. This article explains in detail how to use the Exchange 2003 Mail Wizard to configure Internet E-Mail Access for your organization.

Query-based Distribution Groups

A query-based distribution group is a new additional type of distribution group in Exchange 2003. This new type of distribution group provides the same functionality as a standard distribution group; however, instead of specifying static user memberships, a query-based distribution group allows you to use an LDAP query to dynamically build membership in the distribution group (for example All employees with a special group membership). Using query-based distribution groups we can reduce the administration costs dramatically. However a Query-based Distribution Group needs more Server resources like CPU power and RAM.

Architecture application manager

Microsoft Live Communication Server (LCS)

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003 is a manageable and extensible instant messaging server (IMS) that provides a real-time collaboration solution. It enables corporations to reach, collaborate, and respond to information more quickly as compared to telephones and e-mail. In this article we'll walk you through the steps that are involved while installing and configuring the Live Communications Server.

Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) in Exchange Server 2003

Marc Grote presents his first article for and we are pleased to welcome him on board. Exchange 2003 provides a new cool Feature called Outlook Mobile Access (OMA). OMA allows users to access Exchange data by using mobile devices. Exchange 2003 provides two services for mobile users: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Microsoft Outlook Mobile Access. This article is based on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition (Build 3790), Exchange 2003 Enterprise RTM and the Mobile Browser Simulator / Gateway from Nokia.

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