Ricky M. and Monique L. Magalhaes

mission-critical encryption

Drones – Another threat to security

The IoT is happening all around us. One such notable elaboration in this area is drones. Drones, also referred to as unmanned aircraft systems, are quickly finding their way into IoT applications. It is estimated that the drone market may exceed $80billion by 2025. The possibilities for this technology are great however the security concerns (both cybersecurity and physical) must be addressed. Above all, the software utilised must be certified for safety.

Changing face of Compliance and data protection

The revised data protection laws for Europe have been agreed. By late May 2018 the regulation will be enforced – although at a glance this seems quite some time away, the amount of work and changes that most organisations must undertake to reach compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is extensive. We should not delay but rather begin preparations as soon as possible.

The return of macro attacks

Macro attacks are on the rise. Microsoft suggests that 98% of Office-targeted threats are utilising macros presently. Let’s revisit macros, this old-fashioned form of attack – consider ways to deter the threat and look at the new Microsoft Office 2016 feature released to help defend organisations against the resurge in macro attacks.

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