Ricky Magalhaes

Ricky Magalhaes is a cyber-security expert and strategist for the past 17 + years working with the world’s leading brands. Ricky is on multiple advisory boards for vendors, customers and cyber security industry bodies and periodically works with leading analyst firms to help device strategy and advise on cyber security. Ricky Magalhaes is a seasoned cyber security strategist, architect and cyber expert, Ricky has trained government agencies and a myriad of governmental agencies on various information security disciplines and has speaks at national and international embassies, conferences on behalf of cyber software vendors.

ransomware prevention

Ransomware-let’s fight back!

Although ransomware has been established for a very long time: recently people have been made more conscious of ransomware and are more knowledgeable of what it is, including its regular occurrences. Albeit not new, the impact of ransomware has likely become more far reaching and more serious with time. Businesses are more reliant on digital data and IT systems and ransomware acts to deny service and compromise these essential systems and data until the ransom is paid.

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