Robert J. Shimonski

Active Directory Troubleshooting Part 1

In this three part series we will cover ways to monitor and troubleshoot common problems with Active Directory. Although listing ways to troubleshoot Active Directory could easily span into a 3 volume book set, we will cover the most common issues and solutions here within these articles. Whether you are already a pro, or just a beginner – these tips should serve you well. In Part 1 of this article series we will cover replication traffic and how to monitor and troubleshoot it with tips and tools.

Using Microsoft Office Outlook Live

Microsoft Office Outlook Live (or MOOL for short) is a subscription based service offered by Microsoft that combines MSN's Hotmail Plus service and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that you can have the freedom of having a fully flexible and functional e-mail client, without the responsibility of managing an e-mail server. Microsoft's popular Outlook 2003 client application can be used and with special connector software, you can have a good e-mail solution in minutes. In this article we will cover MOOL, as well as how to install it and discuss the benefits provided.

Using Tracert

Tracert (also known as traceroute) is a Windows based tool that allows you to help test your network infrastructure. In this article we will look at how to use tracert while trying to troubleshoot real world problems. This will help to reinforce the tool's usefulness and show you ways in which to use it when working on your own networks.

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