Rodney Buike

Architecture application manager

Exchange 2003 and Windows Storage Server

All data shares one thing in common, and that is the requirement for dependable storage. With small to medium size businesses growing storage requirements, Windows Storage Server 2003 is becoming an affordable option to store data, and with Windows Storage Server 2003 Feature Pack 1 it can now support hosting Exchange transaction logs and database files.

Sending Email without a Client

Sending e-mail is typically done from an e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook. There may be times when you wish you could send an e-mail message without the need of a client application and thankfully there are a number of ways to accomplish this task.

Architecture application manager

Why 64-Bit Is Good For E12

Recently Microsoft announced that the next generation of Exchange server, codename E12, would ship in a 64-bit version only. This article will explain what 64-bit is, the benefits of moving E12 to the x64 architecture and what to look for when purchasing new hardware so that it will support E12 when it RTMs.

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