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Get control of your severs using Startup/Shutdown Script

In many situations we need to reset the Local Administrator password and add Domain Admins to the Local Administrator group on a server or client machine without visiting each machine. If you don’t know the password and don’t have access to the severs, you can run this simple script as a Startup/Shutdown script in conjunction with Group Policy.

Rights Management Service and Exchange 2003 (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed <a href="">Part 1 of my RMS document</a>. Thanks to all who sent emails. As I explained in the previous part of the RMS document, my focus was to explain the RMS functionality from an Outlook 2003 client. I received a lot of questions regarding RMS and Exchange integration. RMS is not integrated with Exchange so you don’t need to have Exchange to use RMS. You can use RMS with any RMS aware application but RMS does require Active Directory.

ADC Before or After the User Migration

Do you install and configure Active Directory Connector (ADC) before or after the user migration? The answer to this “complicated” question is either you can install and configure ADC and Connection Agreements (CAs) before or after the user migration. Here are my explanations for both scenarios.

ISA Server 2004 is Ignoring my Web Publishing Rule

I heard the following comment from a few clients: "ISA Server is ignoring my server publishing rule and it is always using the default rule". This will happen especially if you are working on a complicated network where the ISA firewall and the application servers are on different subnets. Check out this article for an explanation why this happens and a solution.

Cannot Logon to the Domain or Contact Other Servers After the ISA Server Installation

I am sure we have all either encountered or heard of this "problem" one time or another if the ISA Server is part of the Active Directory Domain. Is it a problem? No, it is by design. To block all unnecessary traffic is the job of the firewall. I know Domain Controller traffic is not unnecessary unreachable traffic, but we have to "explain" to the ISA Server that DC traffic is reachable.

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