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Cyberstalking: Challenges and Strategies

Cyberstalking: Challenges and Strategies

Cyberstalkers can be relentless and relish in the control they establish over their target. As a target, you may want to ignore the digital harassment and move on with your life. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Read on to learn what cyberstalking is and what you can do to protect yourself.

Cybersecurity and IT Strategy

Cybersecurity and IT Strategy: 5 Tips to Create an Integration Roadmap

Businesses that approach cybersecurity and IT strategy as separate, siloed entities may be more susceptible to attack. Integration isn’t about blending the two departments. It’s about changing structures, harmonizing processes, and embedding controls. For organizations that haven’t integrated their cybersecurity and IT strategies, it can be difficult to know just where to start. Follow these tips for a practical roadmap to managing your cybersecurity and IT strategy.

Cybersecurity Teams

Practical Tips for Creating Winning Cybersecurity Teams

In this article we discuss how you can build a winning cybersecurity team and reduce workforce gaps. This lack of professionals has persisted for years and is unlikely to change soon. You’ll need to make changes to your game plan. Here we look at internal scouting, and improving interdepartmental promotion policies. We’ll also address the deficit of technical qualifications potential candidates will have.

9 Human Elements of Employee Cybersecurity that Threaten Enterprise Data

9 Human Elements of Employee Cybersecurity That Threaten Enterprise Data

The human elements of cybersecurity are the events or actions where human fallibility leads to a successful system hack and/or data breach. Human error remains one of the biggest pain points in cybersecurity. Errors range from sharing passwords and inconsistent patch management to downloading suspicious email attachments and clicking unsafe URLs. Learn what are the key factors that make your employees a major weak link in cybersecurity.

The Benefits of Threat Hunting

The Benefits of Threat Hunting

Advanced IT security infrastructure doesn’t guarantee bad actors won’t break in. Breaches often occur when cybercriminals exploit weaknesses you had overlooked or hadn’t thought were significant. This strengthens the case for using threat hunting. Threat hunting is a human-driven and tools-based practice where you proactively look for threats. These may have penetrated your defenses and remain embedded in your infrastructure. You gain multiple benefits from threat hunting.

IT Security and IT Relationship

Improving the Relationship Between IT and IT Security

IT security and IT are at the heart of business success especially as the work universe becomes ever more tech-dependent. The COVID-19 pandemic even accelerated this dependency, forcing organizations to adopt remote work. Now’s the most important time for the IT and IT security relationship to improve and help secure the organization’s future.

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